Courses Taught

Introduction to Biological Anthropology and Forensic Anthropology

Anatomy & Physiology + Labs

Exercise Physiology + Labs

Biological Statistics + Labs

Osteology I: The Human Skeleton

Osteology II: Age & Sex Determination

Human Sex Differences: Behavior, Biology, Ecology

Introduction to Anthropology

The Human Experience: Introduction to Anthropology

Biology: Humans and their Environment

Anthropology: Interpreting Cultural Differences

Introduction to Archaeology

Exploring North American Indian Societies

Sociological Imagination

Primate Evolutionary Ecology

Introduction to Biological Anthropology

Introduction to Cultural Anthropology for international business students

Introduction to Biological Archaeology: Skeletal Anatomy and Forensic Techniques

DNA extraction from the Bony Labyrinth: Cleanroom methodology

Reconstructing burned skeletal remains: workshop